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Flavor up your food with Sin City Salsa!


Delicious with shrimp fajitas!


Amazing with lobster tacos!


Picking up some fresh organic vegetables from

the Farmers Market




What people are saying...


"Let face it there is a ton of different Salsa's out there but this one is in a class all on its own. It's

so fresh and delicious I find myself just eating with spoon. It's also made right here in my hometown

of Las Vegas too and I am happy to be supporting a local company. If you are like me and like to

put fresh Salsa on everything you gotta give Sin City Salsa a try, you'll be instantly hooked.  

Well Done!"   - Joe B.  


"Honestly some of the best, most flavorful salsa I've ever had!  Would highly recommend to anyone!"

- Chance E.


“I like Salsa…but I LOVE Sin City Salsa!  It has flavor.  I mean REAL flavor, not just tomatoes

and salt.  I have been using it as a dip for my chicken fingers, chips, tacos, mashed potatoes,

French fries, you name it.  The only problem I’ve found is that now I’m planning my meals

around salsa.  OK what can I use it next?” – John PG S.


"This stuff is AMAZING!"- Amanda R.


"I love your salsa!  Taste delicious and I like that it's super healthy!"  - Julie V.


"Amazing salsa and full of flavor.  Great consistency for chips or on tacos and nachos."  Tessa B


"I can't say enough good things about this salsa. I consider myself a salsa "Guru" and this is

the real deal. Just the right amount of kick and you can taste the freshness of the veggies.

Pick up a jar for yourself and one for someone else so that they don't eat yours. LOL" - Russ S.


"Really tasty! I like all three flavors. Very fresh and now, it’s my FAVORITE salsa ever."

- Randy R.


"We just received our salsa and couldn't wait to enjoy it with some chips!  Delish and so fresh! 

It's addicting!" - Rena S.


"Phenomenal. I ordered 4 containers of the “maliciously medium” and it is by far the best salsa I

have ever tried. It is organic and you will notice the freshness in the taste. I can’t wait to try the

other flavors. Highly, highly recommended." - Brandon J.


"It's incredibly delicious!"  - Stephanie F.


"Very good.  We loved it on my wife's tacos." - Bob E.


"Deliciousness!!! Yummmmm!!! Perfect blend of ingredients. It’s a unique flavor and pairs

perfectly with sea salt & lime tortilla chips.  I ordered the medium. And it was shipped super

fast." - Shawna P.


"Delicious salsa!  I’ll be ordering again!" - Jeff E.


"By far the BEST home made salsa out there. So fresh and delicious. The whole jar was gone in

less than 24 hours. I’m waiting on the next batch of spicy. I need a fix!!” - Eric O.


"Thank you!  We got ours and it's delish!" - Erika T.


"Sin City Salsa was amazing, we enjoyed it so much!  All the way from Texas."  - The Trindads


"It is a delicious salsa!  I recommend it with tortilla chips, eggs, and etc.  You have to try it,

it is organic.  Thank you Don Barnhart and your beautiful wife for bringing this delicious salsa

to our tables." - Argentina A.


“The salsa is fantastic, better than any restaurant.  Better stock up on chips.” – Wayne T.


“The salsa is Delicious!” – Eddy T.


"Really very excellent salsa, not up for discussion.  10/10!" - Trevor J.


"We received our order of Mild, Medium, and Hot.  OMG they are so delicious!  Hot is very hot,

like it says. - Sherry B.


"Wow!  This is some great salsa!" - Dawn S.


"Ok, I finally tried the salsa... And Wow! It was really really good... Easily one of the Top 3

Salsas I've ever had. Get yourself a jar... For real!" - Jaydon O.


"Sin City Salsa's medium heat was awesome.  Love it so much!  Could not stop eating it." - Robin C.


"This salsa is super yummy... almost sinful! Very fresh tasting and just enough smokiness and heat to make it incredibly addictive. Pro-tip: order multiples, or at least one of each heat level. The only regret you’ll have is not ordering enough!" - Amy B.


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Linda Vu ready to make another batch of Sin City Salsa!