Flavor up your food with Sin City Salsa!


Delicious with shrimp fajitas!



Amazing with lobster tacos!






What people are saying...


"Let face it there is a ton of different Salsa's out there but this one is in a class all on its own. It's

so fresh and delicious I find myself just eating with spoon. It's also made right here in my hometown

of Las Vegas too and I am happy to be supporting a local company. If you are like me and like to

put fresh Salsa on everything you gotta give Sin City Salsa a try, you'll be instantly hooked.

Well Done!"   - Joe B.


 "Love the flavor!  Just an exact amount of spices!"  - Al B.


"This stuff is AMAZING!"- Amanda R.


"I love your salsa!  Taste delicious and I like that it's super healthy!"  - Julie V.


"Amazing salsa and full of flavor.  Great consistency for chips or on tacos and nachos."  Tessa B


"This is the best of 'homemade' fresh salsa. I bought two." - Russ S.


"Really tasty! I like all three flavors. Very fresh and now, it’s my FAVORITE salsa ever." - Randy R.


"We just received our salsa and couldn't wait to enjoy it with some chips!  Delish and so fresh! 

It's addicting!" - Rena S.


"Phenomenal. I ordered 4 containers of the “maliciously medium” and it is by far the best salsa I

have ever tried. It is organic and you will notice the freshness in the taste. I can’t wait to try the

other flavors. Highly, highly recommended." - Brandon J.