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Welcome to Sin City Salsa!


Decadence doesn’t have to be unhealthy


What makes our salsa different or special?

Our salsa is made in the USA, starting off with hand picked freshly ripened, organic vegetables.

What makes our organic salsa different is the healthier ingredients that are gluten free, no

preservatives, non-GMO, and our low sodium content that is less than 1/2 of the majority of

organic salsas that are on the market today.  Each batch is taste tested to ensure a consistency

of quality making it fresh, delicious, and a healthier choice!


Our Story:

As a teenager growing up in Southern California, I supported myself by working behind the

scenes in restaurants all throughout the South Bay and learned to make fresh, Pico De Gallo.

I fell in love with the fresh taste and put it on pretty much everything I ate. I even made my

own at home, tweaking and perfecting the recipe.


I made this salsa for my wife who loved it but had a few ‘suggestions’ on how to make it

even better...so we did.


Our flavors includes:


Immorally Mild - Clean, fun taste full of flavor but mild and easy on the taste buds.


Maliciously Medium - Clean fun taste, full of flavor with a little zip.


Hellaciously Hot - Oh, la, la... Same clean, fun taste with a punch! It’s like two Devils dancing

on your tongue.


Demon's Ghost - It's hot and not for the faint of heart, but you can still taste the 

deliciously fresh, organic vegetables. However, the spice lingers like a Demon's Ghost 

haunting your tongue.


"I truely love making our own salsa!  Being in the fitness industry, my goal was to make a

healthier alternative to the high sodium content that are out in the market and using organic and

all natural ingredients.  Besides chips, I use it on my tacos, fajitas, salads, wraps and fresh oysters. 

We also use Thai chilis to give our organic salsa a unique little kick!  Yum...yum!"  - Linda Vu


Steak Fajitas
Breakfast tacos


When we moved to Las Vegas, we went out to restaurants and only found hybrid versions

of tomato, onions and jalapeños that had little to no taste or watered down versions of tomato

sauce in a jar so we started making our own. We would often times serve it out at parties and

our friends and family would devour it and then ask us if the next time we made it, could we

make extra so they could take some home.


And that’s why we started Sin City Salsa. We only use fresh, organic vegetables, very little salt

and tons of flavor. We’re proud of our product and hope you’ll love it too.


Each salsa flavor is sold in a 16 oz (1 Pint) jar, which equal 2 cups. It's low in calories, so you can

eat a whole hodful without feeling guilty.  Free delivery in Las Vegas, NV on orders of 2 or more. 

Must be refrigerated.


Our organic salsa is now available for US delivery. 


"Life's too short to eat cheap salsa!"